About Us

Hospitality at its best
Le spice Merchant- a family run business; a new concept of Indian dining.

Both Fatema Chowdhury & I have a passion for food and entertaining. We aim to deliver the finest Indian/ Bengali dishes to your table, our dishes inspired by the traditional home cooking that we both enjoyed whilst growing up. Many of our recipes are taken from my beloved late Mother-in-law; she was a remarkable – Magnificent cook and a wonderful host. Her love of entertainment and style of cooking is reflected throughout in our kitchen and in our hosting at Le Spice Merchant. Conceptualisation these traits have strengthened our ethos and we take immense pride in what we do.

Traditionally Bengalis take great pride in entertaining and feeding their guests with a variety of dishes. We hope to provide our customers the same and allow them to taste the different delightful flavours of Bangladeshi/ Indian cuisines. The customer will experience a warm welcome, served by our very own family team member. Our customers will be our guests who we wish to welcome over and over again.

Imran Chowdhury, Proprietor


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